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Coffee Guide

Making great coffee from home is almost entirely a matter of having decent gear, fresh beans, and a recipe.

Porlex JP-30 Hand Grinder

(Pictured on right. Aeropress not included.) Let’s say you’ve organized your suitcase, but in your rush to get out the door you totally forgot to get your morning caffeine fix. As long as you remembered to pack your travel coffee gear the night before, you’re in good shape. Along with an Aeropress and a bag of fresh beans, you’re going to want…

AeroPress Stainless Steel Coffee Filter

When you buy an AeroPress it comes with a pack of paper micro-filters. These work fine and are easily disposable. However, for something different, there is this stainless steel AeroPress disk. The disk is reusable and has ultra-micro perforations so that only water gets through the filter, even when brewing a super-fine espresso grind. Many people prefer the flavor that stainless steel…