Tadpole Tape Cutter

This one goes out to my fellow perfectionists out there: If you’ve never heard of the Tadpole Tape Cutter, it’s about to change your whole tape-dispensing game, especially if you deal with painter’s tape a lot.

Invented by Lee Malahan, it’s a handy little gadget you strap onto a roll of tape, where it lets you effortlessly get a clean, straight cut every single time — no scissors required, and no more weirdly ripped tape ends that are nearly impossible to fix.


Whether you’re needing to tape off corners of rooms for painting, or you have to tape a bunch of boxes for shipping purposes, or you like labeling everything in your kitchen/office/wherever, this is an indispensable tool. Another little benefit is that you never again have to wonder where the end of the tape is; it’s always right there at the cutter where you left it.


They offer a few different sizes of the Tadpole cutter:

However, I recommend picking up the three-piece set for $15. That way, you always have the right size around when you need it.