Tactica M.020 Fire-Starting Camping Multi-Tool

Ever get out on the trail and want to start a fire but realize you forgot to pack matches? Don’t resort to primitive methods just yet — the M.020 multi-tool by Tactica is there to get you cookin’ in no time. It comes with a removable ferro rod that can be struck against the saw teeth on the inner loop to create the necessary sparks:


On top of that, this handy piece of gear has about a dozen other functions for setting up and packing down your campsite and everything between, including a rope tensioner, a tent peg puller, a rope cutter, inch and metric rulers, bottle and can openers, a sundial, and more.

Don’t go on another camping trip without this tool at your side. You can buy it for $35 from Tactica’s site, or you can keep an eye on Amazon to nab one when it releases there.