TableFlip — Markdown Table Editor for Mac

I love writing in Markdown. But creating MultiMarkdown tables by hand? Not so much. On those rare occasions when I do need to break out a table, I forget the correct syntax half the time, plus it’s hard keeping track of all those pipes and dashes to make everything look aligned and pretty.

TableFlip is a new Mac app by Christian Tietze that makes the process a breeze. Marked creator Brett Terpstra sums it up well:

TableFlip gives you a spreadsheet interface for quickly creating and editing tables in Markdown documents. You can open the file you’re currently editing in a text or Markdown editor and add or modify tables, or create new ones and copy them to the clipboard. Much like Marked, it will make the changes live in the document, and update if the document does. In fact, you can use it with Marked to add advanced capabilities to any text editor.

The “auto-growing table” feature is particularly nice, as explained by John Voorhees at MacStories:

If the active cell is in the last row or column of a table, arrowing to the right or down will add columns or rows to the table. If you add data to a cell, the auto-grown rows and columns become part of the table, otherwise they disappear when you select a different cell. It’s a little touch, but one that makes extending a table fast.

TableFlip for Mac is available for purchase directly from Christian Tietze’s site at a 20%-reduced launch price ($15.19) until October 15th, 2016. After that, it goes up to $19. And if you spread the word before October 31st, 2016, you get a shot at saving 80% on your purchase.

[Side note: I’d love to see TableFlip (or something like it) come to iOS someday 🙂]