Sutera Quick-Drying Stone Bath Mat

Be honest, have you ever actually picked up that plush bath mat outside your shower and given it a good sniff? If so, you know how grossly rank that thing can get, not to mention all the nasty water that can be hiding underneath. Makes me gag thinking about it.

Some people do away with their rugs in favor of wooden or bamboo bath mats. Another option is something like the the Stone Bath Mat from Sutera, which is made entirely of diatomaceous earth.


Being made from DE gives this mat an ultra-porous, moisture-wicking surface that quickly absorbs and evaporates large amounts of water right before your eyes, keeping your floor dry, clean, and bacteria-free — plus, it dries the bottoms of your feet before you walk away! You’ll never have to step onto a stinky, soggy bath mat ever again.

It comes with a separate slip-resistant mat that you simply place underneath the stone to keep it safely in place. It also includes a sanding tool you can use to occasionally buff the surface and keep its absorption properties active.

Even if you don’t need a new bath mat right now, the Sutera Stone may still be worth your time because you can also use it underneath pet water bowls, as a dish drying station, as a place to set shoes on when you come in the door, etc.

Get this 23½” x 15″ mat for $60–$70 on Amazon depending on your choice of Charcoal Grey, Granite, or Slate colorways.