SureFire “Sidekick” Keychain Light

The SureFire Sidekick isn’t the prettiest portable flashlight around — it looks more like a car key fob than anything — but it’s very durable and packs quite a punch for its size. It offers three levels of output:

  • Low: 5 lumens (fine for navigating a dark house)
  • Medium: 50 lumens (useful if you find yourself needing to change a tire at night)
  • High: 300 lumens (more than enough for walking a dog through dark woods, which I know is a super specific example but let me have this)

The Sidekick’s lithium ion battery is rechargeable via its micro-USB port, and its body — which comes in your choice of black, pink, or white — is weather-resistant.

Get the Sidekick for $70 on Amazon.