Summer Infant “Pop N’ Jump” Portable Outdoor Baby Jumper

My baby daughter just turned 6 months old, and she’s already at the point where sitting in a baby swing or bouncer seat no longer keeps her interest for long. Laying her down anywhere usually leads to fussiness after only a couple minutes these days.

The problem is, my wife and I both work from home, and constantly having to trade off holding the baby makes it so we can never get anything done in a reasonable time. We wanted something where she could be upright and active kind of on her own, and the Pop N’ Jump by Summer Infant came well recommended by some friends of ours.

What’s nice about this thing is, you can take it outside and set it on the grass or even hot beach sand without fear, because it has both a UV canopy shade up top and a soft fabric pad underneath for the baby to safely rest their feet on. It’s also really portable, able to quickly fold down and go into its shoulder travel bag, then set back up just as easily later.

The toys included on the play surface are a spinner ball, rattle, teether and mirror book, and the frame has a few levels of height adjustment to help it grow with the baby until they can walk on their own.

⚠️ However, as one reviewer notes, the tallest setting might bring the metal washers on the feet into contact with the floor if the baby jumps hard enough. If you’re using it indoors, you’ll want to either keep the whole thing on carpet or have some furniture pads stuck onto the four corners to keep your hard floor safe from scratches.

Get the Pop N’ Jump for $55 on Amazon.