Studio Neat’s Simple Syrup Kit

After a highly successful Kickstarter campaign for their Neat Ice Kit, the boys at Studio Neat are back with a new Kickstarter project: the Simple Syrup Kit.

Simple syrup—a concoction of sugar and water—is great for sweetening both iced coffee and cocktails. We almost always have a jar of the stuff in our fridge. To use Tom and Dan’s words, the Simple Syrup Kit makes it stupidly easy to make a batch of syrup, no boiling water necessary.

It comes with:

  • A glass bottle, with baked-on ceramic ink measurements.
  • A sticky-mess-proof pour spout and a storage cap.
  • A plastic funnel.
  • A wet erase marker to mark the syrup’s date (the syrup lasts for a month).

(Sugar and water not included in the kit.)

Their Kickstarter video shows the syrup-making process, so watch that and go back the project! $25 gets you one kit, and $50 gets you two. Simple! (See what I did there?)