Studio Neat’s Material Dock, Now with Wireless (Qi) Charging

A little over two years ago, our friends at Studio Neat released their Material Dock for iPhone and Apple Watch. Today (November 26th, 2018), they announced an updated version that includes Qi charging. The new lineup (minus the iPhone-only dock) looks like this:


They’ve also got a nice new video showing off the Qi charging:

One nice thing is that if you already own the old iPhone + Apple Watch dock, you don’t have to buy the whole new version; they’re offering the Qi charging pad (pictured above, lower-right) as a separate option that looks great side-by-side with the dock or on its own elsewhere.

The Material Dock purchasing options are now as follows:

  • Wireless (Qi) + Watch + Lightning dock ($95)
  • Wireless (Qi) pad alone ($50)
  • Regular iPhone + Watch dock ($70)
  • Regular iPhone-only dock ($45)