“Streaks” Habit-Tracking App for iOS & Apple Watch

One of the best secrets in the world for starting new habits and sticking to them over the long haul isn’t really much of a secret at all.

Jerry Seinfeld summed it up years ago with “don’t break the chain”, which theorizes that once you get the ball rolling on a continuous habit or activity, you’ll only become more and more motivated to keep at it as time goes on —especially if you have some visual way of tracking your progress (like a calendar with each day marked off that you successfully Did The Thing).

Consistent small actions are the key to success here. But, maybe marking a calendar isn’t your style. You’re more of a techy person who wants a great app for tracking habits anywhere you go.

Enter Streaks.

Over at The Sweet Setup, we recently chose Streaks as our new favorite habit-tracking app for iOS — which, if you’re familiar with just how many of these things exist on the App Store, not to mention how much time we spend doing testing for these reviews, you know that’s saying something. It’s powerful, extremely customizable, and allows for integration with Apple services like Health.app and Shortcuts.


In a separate blog post about the review update, Mike Schmitz briefly explains what makes Streaks so great:

When it comes to creating new habits and keeping track of your progress, there’s no other app that makes this a simple and delightful task. Due to the deep Shortcuts integration, you can even check off your habits throughout the day without even opening the Streaks app. This is such a powerful piece of automation that the Streaks app incorporates beautifully into their platform.

On top of the great usability and convenience factors, Streaks also features a gorgeous interface. When the competition is this thick with other options, a great UI goes a really long way in determining which app to trust with these new habits and behaviors.

And, the fact that Streaks benefits from a healthy development cycle shows us that this app is here to stay, meaning we likely won’t have to uproot our systems and find another home for tracking and building new habits. In the event this does happen, the automatic integration with the Apple Health app means our data is stored in a central location that we can use in other areas.

For more information, I invite you to go read our full review and, if you’re sold on Streaks as the solution for your habit-tracking needs, pick it up for yourself for just $5 on the App Store.