“Stormcrow” — A Tweetstorm Writing App for iPhone

I don’t often 🐦⛈, but if I did, I’d use Stormcrow.

Matthew Bischoff

Stormcrow is a new iPhone app made by Jared Sinclair — who, like yours truly, hails from Oklahoma City — that makes it super easy to write properly threaded “tweetstorms”. In fact, he used it to publish a tweetstorm on the @stormcrow_app account to show how it works (to avoid quoted-tweet repetition, I left out some embeds so they read more nicely):

If you’re into writing tweetstorms — which I do recommend keeping to a minimum, or at least being absolutely certain that Twitter is the right place to share such lengthy thoughts rather than on your own blog — then you’ll find Stormcrow to be a very clever solution for getting the job done. Get the app for $3 on the iOS App Store.