SteelSeries “Alias” and “Alias Pro” Microphones

If you’re serious about gaming and streaming, it’s time to say goodbye to generic mics and level up your setup with the SteelSeries “Alias” series. Designed specifically with gamers in mind, these two broadcast-grade microphones — aka the Alias and Alias Pro — aim to take the sound quality, versatility, and control of your audio setup to new heights.


Both mics are built around a custom-made 1” condenser capsule that’s 3x the size of those found in other microphones on the market, capturing a wider range of vocals as a result and ensuring your voice is always crystal clear. Meanwhile, a cardioid polar pattern keeps background noise and feedback to a minimum.

Additionally, both models come equipped with a shock mount that reduces unwanted vibrations and ensure clearer sound. The shock mount is compatible with each mic’s included desktop stand, or you can pick up the series’ specially made boom arm for an even more professional setup. ($100, sold separately)


As for the differences between them, the Alias is a USB mic that features a 5-stage LED indicator on the front that provides real-time mic monitoring and mute status at a glance:


It also has customizable RGB lighting underneath so you can personalize your streaming setup to match your style:


The Alias Pro on the other hand is an XLR mic that provides superior audio performance and versatility for professional-level streaming setups. Rather than having LEDs on its face or an RGB downlight, it comes with a separate XLR stream mixer with RGB lighting of its own:


The mixer enables advanced audio mixing and customization options for up to five audio channels to create immersive streaming experiences for your audience. One of its neatest features though is the optional ability to stream from two computers simultaneously.


To round things out, the mics are powered by Sonar, SteelSeries’ free studio-grade software suite for streamers that offers all the tools you need for high-quality audio production right at your fingertips.

Elevate your gaming and streaming experience with the SteelSeries Alias ($180) and SteelSeries Alias Pro ($330) microphones and sound like a pro without being a pro.