StarLight Game Controller Grip for Smartphones

The StarLight Game Controller Grip is an ergonomic, telescoping case that fits phones between 4.5″ to 6.6″ — or, say, from iPhone 4 to iPhone 8 Plus — essentially making it feel like you’re holding a console-style controller. This makes it super comfortable to play “virtual joystick” types of games like Arena of Valor and Minecraft.

One nice aspect of this grip is that it doesn’t impede you from plugging a power cable or headphones into your device. Plus, when you’re not gaming, a kickstand on the back lets you prop the phone up on a flat surface so you can watch movies and whatnot. Just keep in mind that the grip only works in landscape mode, so don’t bother using it for portrait-oriented games.

The StarLight Game Controller Grip is $13 on Amazon.

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