STARDECK: Space-Grade Playing Cards [Kickstarter]

STARDECK is one of those Kickstarter projects I wish I’d heard about sooner, because I definitely would have been pointing peoples’ attention that way by now. It’s a science fiction playing card deck — custom-designed by Alex and Meg Griendling of Minneapolis studio Lunar Saloon — where each suit is represented by an archetypal sci-fi group:

  • ♣️ Clubs = Space marines
  • ♦️ Diamonds = Mega corporation
  • ♠️ Spades = Aliens
  • ♥️ Hearts = Robots

Watch the intro video to see how much thought went into the presentation and even storyline of the deck:

Alex and Meg have already met their humble funding goal of $5,000 and then some (currently at $9,096). As of this writing (November 1st, 2016) they’ve still got 8 days to go, and I’d love to see even more people support this project because it’s really cool. $15 is the minimum pledge level to receive a deck of your own.