Stanley Adventure Series “Tough-to-Tip Admiral’s Mug”

Like any double-walled vacuum-insulated mug you can find these days, the “Admiral’s Mug” from Stanley will keep your drinks hot or cold for hours. No surprises there. Its true differentiating feature comes in the form of a wide, non-skid base that ensures it stays put wherever you set it down, without ever tipping over or sliding away.

The “Admiral” in the name seems appropriate here, because you can take this thing out on a choppy boat ride and never have to fear it getting away from you. There are loads of stories of people forgetting they’ve set it on the roof or bumper of their vehicle before driving somewhere, only to find the mug still sitting comfortably in the same place upon arrival.

Even if the mug does somehow manage to fall over — or, say, your toddler gets their hands on it and starts carrying it around — the flip lid is leak-resistant once locked shut, so you don’t have to worry about scalding hot liquids pouring out or flying around.

Get the Stanley Admiral’s Mug for $25 on Amazon in your choice of Hammertone Green or Matte Black colors.