“Stamp Yo Face!” Personalized Rubber Stamps

Stamp Yo Face! is a neat little service I discovered recently. You send them a photo of yourself β€” or your pet, or you + your partner β€” which they then hand-draw and turn into a custom wood-and-rubber stamp. Literally…Stamp. Your. Face.

In addition to the stamp itself you get a small black VersaColor inkpad, the original hand-drawn image itself, and a digital copy of it that you can share online or use as an avatar. But who is this really for? Well, their site has a whole page with loads of creative uses. They also offer a series of “notables” which are stamps featuring all sorts of famous people, including scientists, politicians, film/TV actors and characters, and even pro wrestlers.

These guys put out a fun product and I think it’s worth your time to check it out. Their custom stamps start at $70 and go up from there based on stamp size (1″ to 5″) and whether or not you want a single- or two-person stamp.