Sriracha Chili Sauce Packets

My wife often jokes that I should get one of those sriracha keychains, I use the stuff so much. It’d be super dorky of course, but I actually did look into it, out of my own curiosity and for ⚡️science. ⚡️

I eventually decided it wasn’t worth the risk of having hot sauce leak out of the lid into my bag or pocket, plus I’d have to continually wash the thing or it’d get gross after a while. Then I discovered that Huy Fong-licensed sriracha packets exist and are sold by the same company that makes the keychain (Sriracha2Go). These, I could deal get on board with.

$12 gets you a pack of 50, while $25 gets you a pack of 200. Always keep a few in your glovebox, at your work desk, or wherever else you might have the occasional sriracha-worthy meal away from home.