Featured Sponsor: O’Reilly Titles on Inkling

Our thanks to Inkling for sponsoring the Tools & Toys RSS feed this week.

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Information design and data visualization is a fast-growing field, and charting new territory requires cross-disciplinary know-how. To that end, O’Reilly Media and Inkling have teamed up to reimagine the world’s most trusted design and technological resources for iPad, iPhone, and the web. Now, you can learn from a book as innovative as the practices it describes.

From interactive diagrams to embedded coding sandboxes, notes with web links, and more, select design and tech titles in O’Reilly’s library are amplified with Inkling-only features not found in any other e-book version. For example, tap on Hot Spots in a complex diagram to delve into deeper layers of that figure, zooming in closer as you go.

Budding designers and tech enthusiasts alike now have some of the world’s best design and tech resources right at their fingertips. Learn more and shop for books.

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