Spin Master “Perplexus” 3D Maze Game

If you have a kid whose first instinct is to reach for a screen or video game whenever they’re bored, try handing them Spin Master’s Perplexus 3D marble maze and watch as it consumes their whole attention and gets their problem-solving skills going.

The game makers managed to fit this 22-foot-long maze into a small clear globe, which the user must spin and flip in order to move a weighted metal ball along the numbered track, with 100 different obstacles to overcome along the way.

Honestly, this isn’t just a kid’s game. There’s plenty enough challenge to keep us grown-ups entertained as well, and there are even three different starting points so you’re not running the same exact path over and over once you’ve solved it.

You can get the original Perplexus game for $33 on Amazon. They have a variety of other Perplexus models as well that you can switch between as needed to keep things interesting.