Spigen “ArcDock” GaN III 4-Port USB-C Charger

You may know of Spigen as a company that makes some pretty sweet gadget accessories, but did you know they’re also in the power/charger space? More than that, they’re taking advantage of the very latest in charging technology, evidenced by their ArcDock 4-port USB-C charger.

In a time when a lot of other companies are only now getting on board with GaN II technology, Spigen’s ArcDock is already able to boast GaN III technology for the ultimate heat transfer and charging stability. And even with its relatively small size, this charger can output up to 65W of power max across its two USB-C and two USB-A ports, with all possible configurations outlined by the company here:

  • When 2 USB-C ports are in use : 20W + 20W = 40W
  • When 2 USB-A ports are in use: 12W + 12W = 24W
  • When 1 USB-C port + 1 USB-A port are in use: 45W(USB-C) + 18W(USB-A) = 63W
  • When 1 USB-C port + 2 USB-A ports are in use: 45W(USB-C) + 10W(USB-A) + 10W(USB-A) = 65W
  • When 2 USB-C ports + 1 USB-A port are in use: 20W(USB-C) + 20W(USB-C) + 12W(USB-A) = 52W
  • When All 4 ports are in use: 20W(USB-C) + 20W(USB-C) + 12W(USB-A) + 12W(USB-A) = 64W

So basically, you can charge up to four devices simultaneously, with the caveat that doing so does increase their respective charge times a bit — but even then, you’re still getting a good amount of power output.

The 65W ArcDock is $60 on Amazon.