‘Spaceteam’ Card Game

You don’t often hear about mobile video games being adapted as card games, but stranger things have happened I suppose.

Spaceteam — which started as a Kickstarter project based on the hugely popular mobile game — is a chaotic and cooperative card game that has you and up to 5 friends working together to repair your malfunctioning spaceship. The rules (which I’ve edited into bulleted list form):

  • Your goal is to ensure that all ship systems are functioning properly before time runs out.
  • Each player must deal with the various malfunctions in their sector by flipping cards from the malfunction deck in front of them, and fixing the ship’s systems.
  • You’ll have an arsenal of disorganized space tools spread among all players’ hands, but finding the right tools can be harder than you think, especially when your Spaceteam is franticly worrying about malfunctions in their own sector.
  • If that wasn’t hard enough, you’ll also have to deal with complications such as wormholes and asteroid fields, which require the coordination of the entire Spaceteam.
  • There are no turns; everyone plays and shouts at the same time.
  • Victory is achieved if enough malfunctions are corrected to reveal the 6 hidden System-Go Cards before time is up.

Every five-minute session is guaranteed to be loud, frantic, and hilarious. You might say you and your friends will have a BLAST playing. (Okay, I apologize for that one.)

Get Spaceteam for $25 on Amazon.