Sowden SoftBrew Coffee Maker

I recently happened across an article in The Atlantic that piqued my interest in the Sowden SoftBrew coffee maker. (Because, I don’t already have enough coffee makers in my life, right? Please send help.)

It’s essentially a ceramic kettle with a large, easily-removable, stainless steel mesh filter inside. In fact, it looks a lot like a tea brewer. The filter has been photo-etched so that the holes—of which there are more than half a million—are so tiny as to be microscopic. Scoop some coffee in, add hot water, let it steep a bit, then pour the results directly into your cup. Pretty simple.

The 8-cup Sowden SoftBrew is $60 on Amazon, but if you’re feeling conservative, you can knock $10 off the price and get a 4-cup model.