“Souper Cubes” Soup-Freezing Silicone Trays

If you’re really into advance meal prep, you’ll love this little invention: Souper Cubes are an ingenious way of freezing and storing up to eight portions (4 per tray) of soups, stocks, broths, and sauces, in either half-cup (125mL) or full-cup (250mL) portions.


So, let’s say you have a recipe that calls for a cup of stock or bone broth. Or, maybe you just want a single serving of that amazing soup you made the other day. Rather than trying to portion out what you need from a big freezer bag — or even a bunch of little ones, which is supremely wasteful — you simply pop out one of the cubes from these food-grade silicone trays and get to thawing.

It’s just so much easier. You’ll never want to go back to however you were freezing this stuff before.



What’s even nicer about these trays is that they each come with a lid to keep out odors and freezer burn, and their rims are reinforced with steel wire so they’re easy to handle before freezing. After you’ve emptied a tray, they’re totally dishwasher-safe so even the cleanup is a breeze.

Fair warning though, do not use the trays in the microwave — empty the contents into a mug or saucepan instead.

Get a two-pack of Souper Cubes for $37 on Amazon.