Soul Built MARKSMITH Titanium Bolt-Action Permanent Marker

Originally funded on Kickstarter in April of 2020, the MARKSMITH marker from Soul Built really puts the “permanent” in “permanent marker” thanks to its grade 5 (Ti 6Al-4V) titanium body — the same alloy used to make aircraft turbines, among other high-performance aerospace/marine/automotive applications — making it more indestructible than any writing tool truly needs to be. And that’s exactly what makes it so awesome.

The MARKSMITH is compatible with Sharpie-branded fine-tip retractable permanent marker cartridges — although Soul Built sells their own refills in various colors — and the bolt-action mechanism not only makes the marker easy to use one-handed, but is also satisfyingly clicky and fun to fidget with.

They even put some consideration into the clip, featuring a sturdy, non-wiggly design along with layered grooves at its top to offer tactile feedback while keeping your thumb from slipping off when you use it to deploy the marker tip.


Get the last permanent marker you’ll ever own for $100 on Amazon in your choice of brushed silver or matte black finishes. It comes with two ink cartridges to get you started.