Sony Launches PlayStation Edition of the “Backbone One” iPhone Gaming Controller

After nearly two years since its release, the original Backbone One game controller for iPhone continues to enjoy its position as one of the mobile gaming controllers to have if you’re going to buy one. It’s certainly gotten a lot of love on r/iosgaming ever since.

And now things are looking up once again as Backbone has teamed up with Sony to release an elegant PlayStation edition of the controller, with a new look inspired by Sony’s own DualSense 5.

As Sony’s announcement post will tell you, you can use the PS Remote Play app in conjunction with the Backbone One to play PS5/PS4 games from your iPhone, anywhere you are in the world…but that’s nothing new really. It’s the look of this controller that will entice gamers to buy, and speaking as a lifelong PlayStation fan, it’s definitely working on me.


Oh, and the Backbone One app also now includes a bit of a customized PlayStation experience for anyone using this edition of the controller, but again, I don’t think that’s what anyone’s here for.

You can buy the PlayStation Edition Backbone One right now for $100 on Amazon, the same price as the original black edition.