&SONS Essentials Toilet Bag

&SONS (“and sons”) presents a unique take on the dopp kit with their Essentials Toilet Bag, a military-inspired waxed canvas and leather travel companion that looks like a tool/gear roll but is made for carrying your overnight essentials.

Inside the bag are pockets and holders for grooming scissors, a razor, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a small bottle of aftershave, a badger shaving brush, a comb, and more. The whole shebang can be hung on a wall by the main strap buckle for easy access to its contents:


While the 100% cotton waxed canvas exterior is quite water-resistant, the ‘pull-up leather’ accents aren’t necessarily so, so be sure to take care of them accordingly.

Get the Essentials Toilet Bag for $105 at the &SONS shop.