Soma Water Filter

The majority of water-filter pitchers out there are terrible (or at best, uninspired) but that doesn’t have to be the case. Enter the Soma water filter, which is a beautiful and eco-friendly water filter that puts the competition to shame.

Made of sustainable materials—including burnt coconut shell and a plant-based, bio-degradable casing—Soma is the first water filter I’ve heard of that is fully compostable. It’s also super simple to refill; just put it under the faucet and the specially-designed seal will automatically let the water in, but won’t let it spill back out. To pour, just tip the Chemex-like carafe without fear of the filter falling out, something the aforementioned pitchers are guilty of.

One of the neater parts is that the water filters are replaced on a subscription basis, every 60 days. Two months’ worth of filters is $69, 12 months is $109, and 24 months is $179. This way, you don’t ever have to wonder, “Man, when was I supposed to replace that filter thing again?”