Solo Stove “Pi” Stainless Steel Pizza Oven

Solo Stove, well-known makers of smokeless fire pits that are making their way into more and more people’s backyards, have taken the design of those fire pits and turned it into a pizza oven.

That’s right, the Solo Stove “Pi” (get it?) is a dual-fuel stainless steel pizza oven that, when fully equipped, can be fired up with your choice of either real wood (for max flavor) or propane (for ultimate convience). Either way, it takes only minutes to perfectly cook one pizza up to 12″ across, or a few personal-sized ones together.


Inside the oven is a demi-dome ceiling that pairs well with the company’s signature airflow design to keep air moving for convection baking excellence. Meanwhile, ceramic insulation keeps that heat in, and a cordierite pizza stone ensures even cooking after a bit of pre-heating (not to mention will last for years due to its durability).

Head over to the Solo Stove Pi page to learn more, or you can jump straight to putting in your order for $470, which as of this writing (April 28th, 2022) is expected to ship out in early July.