Solo Stove “Cinder” Tabletop Fire Bowl

With Solo Stove’s latest creation, the Cinder Tabletop Bowl, bringing the charm of an open flame indoors (or outdoors, really) is now easier than ever.

Akin to the “Mesa” model I wrote about a while back, this is essentially a compact fire pit that weighs less than 6 pounds and boasts a sturdy construction featuring concrete with copper accents, along with a heat-resistant bamboo base, ensuring both elegance and safety in any setting.

Whether placed on a tabletop indoors or outside, the Cinder delivers ambiance and warmth with its captivating flame, powered by Solo Stove’s own smokeless gel fuel, of which they also offer a citronella version for keeping mosquitos at bay.


The Cinder’s minimalist design exudes sophistication, making it a versatile addition to any decor style. The heat-resistant base not only protects surfaces but also enhances safety, ensuring worry-free enjoyment of the crackling flame.

The use of smokeless gel fuel adds convenience, with each canister providing up to 3 hours of burn time, making it ideal for gatherings and quiet evenings alike.

If your goal is to roast s'mores over the Cinder fire bowl, make sure you only use the “Pure” gel fuel. Do NOT use the “Citro” (citronella) variety.

If your goal is to roast s’mores over the Cinder fire bowl, make sure you only use the “Pure” gel fuel. Do NOT use the “Citro” (citronella) variety.

Despite the fire bowl’s compact size, the flame it produces reaches impressive heights, offering both visual appeal and a cozy atmosphere for any occasion, whether it’s for personal relaxation or entertaining guests.

Available for $55 on Amazon., the Solo Stove Cinder Tabletop Bowl is a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking to elevate their space with warmth and charm.