‘Solitairica’ for iOS

Forgive me for only now posting a game that’s nearly five years old now (and hasn’t been updated in two), but Righteous Hammer’s Solitairica is an excellent pick-up-and-play title with a whole lot of replay value.


Combining solitaire with roguelike game mechanics, Solitairica has you using playing cards to battle and cast spells against a series of enemies of increasing difficulty, each with unique abilities that you have to counter.

As you progress, you can unlock new spells and collect items to power yourself up in various ways, continuing until you either defeat the main boss (aka Emperor Stuck) or you are defeated, upon which you start over from the beginning and try again.


But that’s not where the upgrades stop. There are a number of different decks/classes you can unlock within the game β€” Warrior, Monk, Rogue, Wizard, etc β€” each with unique cards, abilities, and potential upgrades.


Given all this info, plus the fact that the upgrades/items presented to you on each playthrough often change from the previous one, and you’ve got a game that’s at least a little different every single time you pick it up, which keeps things fresh and fun for quite a long time.

And man, there’s nothing quite like strategically chaining together like 10 cards in a row and absolutely devastating the opponent in one turn. So satisfying.

Get Solitairica for $4 on the iOS App Store and have a blast!