SOL “Fire Lite” Fuel-Free Electric Lighter

As I’ve mentioned previously, arc plasma lighters are the way of the future when it comes to quickly lighting fires, whether it’s a campfire, a backyard fire pit, a charcoal chimney, or even a candle (although they make more specialized ones for that last purpose). They require no fuel — only the occasional USB recharge — and they work practically anywhere and in any weather conditions.


The Fire Lite by S.O.L. (short for “Survive Outdoors Longer”) is another fine choice for all your outdoor fire-starting needs. It can be used up to 45 times on a charge, which takes only a couple hours to refill. When needed, some of that battery life can be used to power the built-in 100-lumen LED light, which offers high, low, and strobe settings.


One nice touch is that the included 3-foot lanyard cord can be used for emergency tinder in the event of a survival scenario.


Get the SOL Fire Lite for $29 on Amazon.