Society6 x Frank Moth Wooden Wall Murals

Pictured above: “Missing the Ones We Left”

If you’re a fan of surrealist art and retro nostalgia, then boy do I have the decor pieces for you.

The anonymous Greece-based graphic artists who work behind the pseudonym Frank Moth are known for their atmospheric digital collages that often combine retro artwork with images of space travel and/or various forms of psychedelia, like nostalgic postcards that somehow arrived by way of the distant future.

It’s a pretty cool aesthetic that would add visual interest to any space, and buying a print of any of these pieces would seem like a no-brainer for that. However, I personally recommend buying them in wooden mosaic form instead.

Because of the multi-square design of these prints, you get to play around with how you hang the artwork, as noted on the Society6 site where they originally came from:

Make your own mosaic. With our wood wall art’s multi-square design, you have the power to adjust the spacing between each section to form exactly the right look. Play around with the designs by removing a panel in strategic locations or arrange them around another piece to fill out the look.

You’ll hardly find a more unique-looking way to spice up your space, that’s for sure.

The mosaics are $150–180 each on Amazon, depending on the size you buy — 3’x3′ (nine 11.625″ wood squares) or 4’x4′ (nine 15.5″ wood squares).