SNES Classic Replacement Shell Case for Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

MASCARRY’s SNES Classic replacement shell case for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller does exactly what the name says: gives your console-style controller a retro SNES look.

It’s not a difficult project or anything either — there’s no fussing with ribbon cables or soldering or even special proprietary screws. You only have to provide your own Phillips-head screwdriver and use the screws that are already in your Pro controller. Takes like half an hour, tops. Just be sure not to over-tighten the screws, as several Amazon reviewers warn against.

This replacement shell kit is $29 on Amazon. If the SNES look isn’t your thing, they also offer a few other color choices for less money: White (which looks vaguely like an old Xbox 360 controller to me), Atomic Purple, Ice Blue, and Jungle Green.