Snap Circuits Motion Kit

Elenco’s Snap Circuits series of kits have long been among my favorite projects for kids. They’re a fantastic way to introduce young’uns to electrical engineering concepts without dealing with tools or hot soldering irons — the circuit components simply and literally snap together to do cool stuff.

Their Snap Circuits Motion kit focuses on concepts of motion and physics, with over 50 snap-together parts and instructions for 168 projects that kids can complete, including:

  • Assembling a walking “crawler” bot
  • Building an airplane with a spinning, animated-LED propeller (it doesn’t fly though, FYI)
  • Build a model car that responds to switches for movement
  • Setting up a motion-detecting alarm
  • Creating a merry-go-round with music and light

Components include various kinds of switches, resistors, motors, diodes, gears of differing sizes (you can experiment with ratios!), jumper snap wires, a speaker, a motion detector, an air fountain (with included ball and spout), and more.

The Motion kit is $56 on Amazon. I do recommend checking out all the other sets available as well, because there’s a kit for just about every engineering focus.