Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls

The problem with having two kids is the laundry. It’s never ending. The amount of clothes that two kids (and two adults) can go through in a week is mind blowing. At my house, I’m pretty certain we could run an entire load of laundry every day. One of the things I have been noticing is that our towels and sheets always seem to take two runs through the dryer in order to get fully dry. A friend of mine mentioned he was having the same issue until he purchased the Smart Sheep 6-Pack Premium Wool Dryer Balls. I purchased a set and have been very satisfied with them.

In addition to helping cut drying time, it’s also a natural way to fluff and soften your clothes. They last for thousands of cycles and replace dryer sheets and fabric softeners. While they do sound like tennis balls in my dryer, the end result is worth it for me. They recommend three balls for smaller loads of laundry and five to six for larger ones.

Get them on Amazon for $17.95.