Slime Elite Heavy-Duty Tire Inflator

During our travels over the years, we’ve made plenty of use of our RV roadside assistance. But with some issues, you don’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere while it takes who-knows-how-long before anyone can come to help you. Being able to get yourself out of a jam is almost always the best option.

That’s why this tire inflator from Slime is such a handy thing to have around. If all you’re dealing with is a low tire, there’s no need to call anyone up when you can just plug the thing into your RV/car accessory jack, hook it up to the tire in question, set your desired pressure, and walk away as the tire airs back up in minutes.

The inflator supports up to 99 PSI (plenty enough for our RV’s 80 PSI tires), the air hose reaches up to 28 feet away from the main unit, it has a carry handle for easy portability, there’s a bright LED light on the end for nighttime visibility (not to mention the device’s backlit display), and it works just as well for bike tires as it does for vehicle ones.


Overall this is super solid purchase for travelers everywhere and you can get it for $72 on Amazon.