Slice Ceramic Blade Safety Cutter

Slice is a company primarily known for two things:

  1. Their financial support for autism awareness and research.
  2. Selling a variety of safety cutters with ceramic blades purposely made just dull enough to not easily cut skin but still function well enough for various jobs. (They also never rust, and are both non-sparking and non-conductive.)

One of those products, the ceramic blade safety cutter, is a brilliant alternative to typical box cutters. You can use it to cut packaging tape, corrugated cardboard, plastic wrap, that annoying clamshell plastic packaging I hate SO much, paper of all kinds, and probably more things I’m forgetting — all without slicing your fingers.

Okay, that’s not 100% true. You could cut yourself if you made an effort to, but it isn’t likely to happen by accident. The company has a page that explains the science:

While other companies create extremely sharp ceramic blade knives, Slice was primarily interested in safety. We asked: What does it actually take to cut most materials? How much sharpness is necessary? It turns out that the only reason steel blades are dangerously sharp is because steel dulls so quickly. Manufacturers need to produce overly sharp blades just to give them a reasonable working lifespan. This workaround sacrifices safety for productivity. Because ceramics dull so slowly, they don’t need that workaround.

Even though Slice blades don’t start out as sharp as steel (because they don’t have to), they outlast steel by an average factor of 11.2.

Other nice features are the rubberized grippy finish, the built-in magnet, and the keyring hole, as noted in their promo video:

The Slice ceramic safety cutter is available for just $7 on Amazon as an add-on item.