Skylock is a smart new bike lock that runs on sunlight and connects with your smartphone in interesting ways. It can be unlocked in one of three ways, configured and enabled only by you:

  • A touch of a button in Skylock’s smartphone app
  • Proximity, meaning it will detect when your smartphone is nearby and auto-unlock (which is the least secure method probably, but still pretty cool)
  • Code input using Skylock’s own capacitive buttons

Once you’ve locked your bike somewhere, you can have Skylock connect to a local WiFi network and send alerts of potential theft to your phone, thanks to the lock’s triaxial accelerometer with adjustable sensitivity. It doesn’t use GPS and thus can’t track your bike if it is somehow stolen, but these alerts at least give you time to confront the would-be thief.

Skylock is resistant to all sorts of lock tampering methods, including lock-picking, cutting, lever attacks, and even freeze attacks. The solar battery can run for a month on a full charge, or basically a week per every hour of sunlight exposure.

It also detects when you get in an accident while riding (only when the lock and your phone experience a shock at the same time) and allows you to alert loved ones if you need help.

Skylock is expected to start shipping in early 2015, but is available for pre-order now. The market price will be $249, but pre-orders are discounted all the way down to $159.

If you pre-order today (Friday, May 16th 2014) they’ll knock another $20 off, bringing the price down to $139.