Simplehuman 10-Gallon Stainless Steel Trash Can

Now we’re ruined. We bought a Sunbeam TrashRac […] but we haven’t installed it. After the Simplehuman, there’s just no going back. I tell myself the TrashRac doesn’t fit in this kitchen, but the truth is, it doesn’t fit in my heart.

Harry Sawyers, Wirecutter

I know what you’re thinking: 80 bucks for a trash can?! You know I can just hop down to Dollar Tree and get a little bin for a dollar and change, right?” Yes, I do know that. But hear me out.

How many times have you gone to use a foot-pedal trash can and the hinge on it just doesn’t quite work right? Do you always have to floor the thing like you’re behind the wheel of a hot rod, only to have the thing suddenly fling open and slam into the wall behind it, just before slamming back shut again? Bet that goes over real well in the middle of the night, especially when it wakes up a baby or pet in the other room.

Speaking of, how many times have you found your toddler throwing important things in the trash or taking stuff out and tossing it on the floor? How often does your curious dog nose around in the bin’s contents? Moreover, how many dumb little plastic bins have you gone through because they keep cracking and letting odors run rampant?

With the Simplehuman stainless steel trash can, you can forget all of that. You are absolutely getting what you pay for here.

The foot pedal works beautifully every time, opening with ease without ever slamming the wall. That way, you’re not always having to play that game of, “How hard to I have to step on this to keep the %&#! lid under control?” When your foot comes off, the lid softly and slowly closes again — no slamming, no noise.


The lid lays nice and flush when shut, so toddler hands and dog noses can’t easily pry it open. (Honestly, even adult hands have a hard time with it, which is almost a selling point.) It also keeps odors in quite nicely. When you need to take the trash out, the inner can/bucket is easily removed for carrying outside, which is especially useful if you fear the bag breaking on the way.

You can even lock the lid open for changing bags and dumping multiple things in a row. And finally, since the body is made from brushed stainless steel, you’ll never have to worry about the thing falling apart. Not to mention how great it’ll look in your kitchen 👌

I never thought I’d write this many words about a trash can, of all things — but hey, we’re all about buying the best and longest-lasting things around here, and Simplehuman’s stainless steel bin fits the bill. Get it for $80 on Amazon and never look back.