ShowerMade Shower Tote

I’ve mentioned a few times that my family and I are about to become full-time RV’ers, but there’s one detail I haven’t mentioned yet. As we’ve prepared to sell our house, we’ve kept our pull-behind trailer parked at my wife’s grandparents’ house on the other side of town. We’ve been constantly shuttling back and forth between these two “homes” as though we live some sort of limbo existence.

As such, we’ve been lugging toiletries back and forth like animals, borrowing her grandparents’ shower while we’re there since their outdoor water hookup is a bit iffy. We don’t like leaving our stuff in their shower for days at a time, nor do we like using their soaps and things. Also, we may occasionally find ourselves using campground showers in the future.

All of this is to say that I may be picking up a ShowerMade Shower Tote soon. It’s big enough to keep a family’s toiletries and even a rolled-up change of clothes in one place. Plus, the 20″ hanging strap makes it easy to sling the tote over a shoulder or hang it on a shower faucet. The mesh material dries fast, which keeps it from getting all weird and moldy.

I can see how this would be useful not only for traveling and camping, but for taking to the gym or anywhere else with a communal shower (college dorm rooms, I’m looking at you).

The Shower Tote is just $11 on Amazon.