Sennheiser “ACCENTUM Plus” Wireless ANC Headphones

In a world where music is the backdrop to our every moment, having the right pair of headphones is essential. And with the release of their all-new ACCENTUM Plus wireless headphones today, Sennheiser are aiming to keep you energized and immersed in your favorite sounds for days on end.

Building upon the success of the beloved MOMENTUM 4 series, the ACCENTUM Plus combines cutting-edge functionality with remarkable battery efficiency to provide uninterrupted listening pleasure for users on the go.


With an impressive 50-hour battery life — and the ability to enjoy an additional five hours of playtime with just a 10-minute quick charge — you can say goodbye to the anxiety of a drained battery mid-song. You’ll feel totally comfortable all the while too, thanks to the headphones’ luxuriously soft headband and cushioned earcups.

The ACCENTUM Plus uses angled transducers to create a rich and immersive soundstage, while adaptive hybrid ANC technology dynamically adapts to changes in the ambient noise environment to ensure crystal-clear sound even in noisy or busy places.


You can further customize your listening experience with Sennheiser’s Smart Control App, where you can tinker with the built-in 5-band equalizer to create a unique sound profile tailored to your preferences.

Lastly, the headphones can be gesture-controlled via an intuitive touchpad interface, allowing you to adjust volume levels, control media playback, and activate transparency mode as needed.

Get the Sennheiser ACCENTUM Plus headphones for $230 on Amazon in your choice of white or black.