Semikolon Sticky-Tab Page Markers

When you’re reading an excellent novel or jotting down thoughts in your journal, you might want to bookmark the most important pages for later reference. That’s where Semikolon’s sticky page markers come in. Inside the black hardcover booklet are 600 opaque plastic sticky tabs in 12 vibrant colors (50 of each color) that can be stuck onto whichever book/notebook pages you want to call attention to.

The tabs very much stay put once stuck down, although if you do need to remove them later, they come up without leaving a permanent mark below. And since they’re see-through, they won’t cover any words on the page. They’re also way more durable than paper-style tabs of this sort, which are basically smaller versions of post-it notes that can rip easily. These? They won’t ever tear.

Get this 600-pack for $14 on Amazon.