Seiko “5 Sports” SKX Series GMT Watch

Normally when I write about a given watch, I want it to be something that really stands out from the crowd. Could be the way it looks, or have something more to do with its functionality.

But not every timepiece has to be a bold statement. Sometimes a bit of style and elegance is plenty enough reason to wear the thing. Such is the case with the Seiko 5 Sports.


This handsome watch features a case and “Jubilee”-style bracelet that were designed in homage to the company’s beloved SKX series dive watch, with the added benefit of an eyecatching automatic GMT complication (dubbed “4R34”) that they created in-house.

Come to think of it, that GMT hand is quite the standout feature of this watch, because it’s the sort of thing you used to have to pay way more to attain — usually from some fancy-pants Swiss company. What’s more, it even outperforms some of the more expensive GMT watches out there, given that it can track three time zones at once rather than just two.

Other than that, the watch is attractive, comfortable to wear, has a magnified date calendar that makes it easy to read, and is water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet). Everyday refinement at its best.


You can get the Seiko 5 Sports for around $415 on Amazon, with your choice between blue (model# SSK003), black (model# SSK001), or orange (model# SSK005) faces.