Secura Oversized (7.5″) 60-Minute Magnetic Visual Countdown Timer

If there were a two-circle Venn diagram with “highly visual person” on one side and “easily distractible procrastinator” on the other, I’d fall smack-dab in the center. Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you that having a time limit hanging over my head is the best way to keep me on a given task, especially if I can see it.

That’s why a big visual timer like this one is so helpful for someone like me. It can hang on a wall, stand on a counter, or be magnetically attached to a fridge, where it’s easy to keep an eye on as it quietly counts down 60 minutes or less. When it’s done, it can either make no sound or you can set it to a loud or low tone, depending on your preference.

Not only is this kind of visual crunch time good for helping someone like me stay focused, it’s also a useful tool for helping kids do the same as they study, do homework, etc, all while developing their sense of time.

This oversized visual timer is $20 on Amazon and comes in your choice of red or blue.