Sean McCabe’s ‘Learn Lettering’ Classes

Sean McCabe, the guy who designed the awesome ‘Influence the World’ poster (amongst many other things) has put together a set of video courses to help you become a hand-lettering artist yourself.

In these videos, Sean shows you how to craft a hand-lettered composition from start to finish, including lots of tips on technique and style. In the more advanced lessons, he talks about how you can turn your newfound lettering skills into a business.

There are three course levels to choose from, based on how much you want to get out of these lessons:

  • Starter: 1 course, 5 videos ($29)
  • Intermediate: 3 courses, 17 videos ($79)
  • Master: 10 courses, 50 videos ($249)

Head over to Sean’s classes page for more details about the contents of each course level.