Science Ninjas “Valence” Chemistry Card Game

You might think chemistry is a subject too advanced for kids to tackle, but that’s not necessarily true. Through a STEM-friendly game like Valence by Science Ninjas, they can learn all about basics like molecule formation, chemical reactions, elements on the periodic table, and more in a surprisingly fun way.

Don’t worry, there are no dangerous lab experiments involved — just cards with cute character illustrations of elements, bases, acids, etc. It’s all very wholesome.


From the store page:

The brainchild of two PhD’s in chemical engineering [Amanda Simson and Naomi Klinghoffer] along with a New York Times best-selling cartoonist [Nathan Schreiber] on a mission to stimulate scientific curiosity, Valence packs a powerful understanding of chemistry into an addictively good-natured game that will hit the spot for kids ages 8–12.

The only skill you need to get started with Valence is the ability to add to 0. From there, it’s a matter of combining element cards into molecules in an effort to reach 10 points first, while defending yourself from “Acid” attacks from other players. The instruction book is pretty easy to follow, and they’ve got a video version too:

The basic version of the game is $25 on Amazon. They have a more complex and challenging edition — better suited for teens and adults — called Valence Plus ($40) that features more elements, many more molecules, and more move options. (You can take certain cards out of Valence Plus and play it just like you would the base Valence game.)

If you like the games, you can even purchase their rendition of the Periodic Table ($15) in 24″x36″ poster form.