Savior Rechargeable Heated Gloves

When it’s cold out, your fingers are among the first extremities to feel the chill. You could choose to carry a hand warmer around if you’re going on a simple hike — because, why let a little thing like frigid temperatures stop you? — but maybe you’re doing an activity where you need to be able to use your hands. Biking, skiing, shoveling snow, and clearing limbs all come to mind.

This is where Savior’s heated gloves come in… wait for it… handy. While I won’t say they’re meant for taking on an arctic expedition or anything, in normal winter weather and even below-freezing temps they’ll keep all your fingers and the entire backs of both hands nice and toasty.

You can choose between three heat settings:

  1. High: 140°F–150°F, with 2–2.5 hours of battery life
  2. Medium: 122°F–131°F, with 3–4 hours of battery life
  3. Low: 100°F–113°F, with 4–5 hours of battery life

Whichever level you choose, the gloves’ heating elements kicking into gear within seconds, so you’re never left sitting there wondering when they’re gonna start working. Really though, you may not even need to turn them on until it gets to ~20°F and below, because the lambskin/polyester exterior and soft cotton interior already work together to offer a good deal of insulation before the gloves’ active heating even comes into play.

And finally, the stretch of these gloves is enough that you can still maneuver your fingers and grip tools while working outside. You can even take ’em ice fishing or motorcycle riding if you want. I’ve also heard they’re quite nice for those suffering from arthritis, but I don’t have first-hand experience with that.

Grab a pair of these excellent heating gloves for $115–$140 on Amazon, depending on size. (Most gloves like these are around $300, so this is a superb deal.)