Satechi SM1 Slim Mechanical Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard

We’ve written about quite a few Satechi products over the years, but to my knowledge we’ve never written about any of their keyboards. Today that changes thanks to the launch of their first ever mechanical keyboard.

Dubbed the SM1, this Mac- and Windows-compatible wireless mechanical aluminum keyboard sports a compact layout (75%) for a more efficient typing and gaming experience without sacrificing essential keys.

It also makes use of low-profile brown switches (with removable keycaps) that provide wonderful tactile feedback without the loud sounds of clicky switches, so you can use it at the office without your coworkers hating you.


The switches themselves aren’t hot-swappable though, so keep in mind that you won’t be able to customize it to that level like some mechanical keyboards.


The SM1 can connect via Bluetooth 5.0 with up to four devices at once, and it offers a pleasant white backlight with 14 different lighting patterns you can switch between by pressing the lightbulb button near the upper right corner. (Note: The CAPS Lock backlight in particular will switch to turquoise when enabled.)


If you use the SM1 without the backlight on, it can last about two months on a charge. Keeping the backlight on constantly will shorten that to a mere 16.5 hours, so I would personally use it sparingly. The battery’s power indicator is located on the spacebar, so it’s easy to see when it’s starting to run down and needs a recharge.

You can get the Satechi SM1 mechanical wireless keyboard for $100 on Amazon. As I write this on March 1st, 2024 however, the Amazon page is showing me a 15%-off coupon checkbox, so look for that when you go to buy.