SATA Micro Precision Pen Screwdriver Kit

It doesn’t get much slimmer or sleeker than SATA’s pen-style screwdriver, which can easily and discreetly be carried in a pocket or bag so you always have it when the need arises. The thinness of the ‘pen’ body also allows it to be used in more confined spaces than a typical driver

It comes with 24 interchangeable bits, including a few relatively uncommon ones:

  • PH000
  • PH00
  • PH0
  • PH1
  • PH2
  • SL1.5
  • SL2.0
  • SL3.0
  • SL4.0
  • P2
  • P5
  • T2
  • T3
  • T4
  • T5H
  • T6H
  • T8H
  • T10H
  • T15H
  • H1.5
  • H2.0
  • U2.6
  • Y1
  • Delta 2.3

All of these bits fit into an included carry case, and they’re easy to swap out at will.

Get the kit for $19 on Amazon.