Sangean WR-7 Wood Cabinet Mini Bluetooth Speaker with FM Tuner

The WR-7 by Sangean is a vintage-looking Bluetooth speaker + FM radio with a somewhat similar aesthetic to the Tivoli Model One, but at nearly half the price and in a much smaller form factor. That “mini” in the title above is no misnomer.


Don’t let its diminutive size fool you, however. This little guy puts out room-filling sound with crystal clear highs and just the right hint of bass at the bottom end to give a sense of depth without dipping into ‘tinny’ or ‘booming’ territory at either extreme. It particularly excels at playing podcasts, talk radio, sports broadcasts, the audio from YouTube videos…anything voice-prominent.

The built-in FM tuner is impressively good at locking onto local stations if you use it for that, and if not, the Bluetooth and AUX-in connectivity are both rock solid.


However, some people have noted that using the FM side while the radio is plugged into power often results in some static interference, so be aware of that. On that note: When unplugged from power, the rechargeable battery should offer you up to 36 hours of playtime, so that interference thing shouldn’t come up too often.

The Sangean WR-7 comes in your choice of Walnut ($89) or Dark Cherry ($77) colors.